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Negar Tafreshi Founder and Desinger of Tafreshi Couture






C O U T U R E 

Tafreshi was founded in 2010 by fashion designer and CEO Negar Tafreshi. 


Negar went on to trail blaze an admirable path at FIDM which she was later recognized for with an honors degree from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in the heart of Los Angeles, Tafreshi was honored as an honorary alumni by having her portfolio be the featured window display, and was personally endorsed by FIDM chairwomen Dawn Maria Forsyth to have her book "Passion for Fashion" enshrined in the school library.With a background in art and design, Negar used a fusion of her passion to bring her brand to life. 


Now, as a fully engaged fashion designer/ creative artist Tafreshi is known for her innovation and technique. Using her forward-thinking, she produces extraordinarily inspired collections.  As reflected in her design philosophy, Negar's vision is to make every woman feel as sexy as she does confident, as sophisticated as she does chic, and as practical as she does fabulous, in a modern and colorful design, to reflect the spirit of women today.  Her goal is to dress today's leading-edge women in distinctively designed clothes that are perfect for any occasion. Tafreshi aims to provide a welcoming and enjoyable shopping experience, one that shows that the quality of fit and fine fabric is paramount. 


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Negar Tafreshi Founder and Desinger of Tafreshi Couture
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